I Survived a FOB Concert for Hey Monday

I Survived a FOB Concert for Hey Monday

Being a mainstream music person, I’ve never really ventured into the alternative rock/punk/whatever genre, until I found out about Hey Monday on YouTube. While the single Homecoming isn’t really enjoyable, it is the rest of their tracks that are. So hence, my decision to buy tickets for the Fall Out Boy gig here.



Upon reaching there,in order to not repeat what happened last time, I tore parking coupons, hopefully enough to avoid getting a ticket should the concert end late.


I was ten minutes early, which was not according to plan (checking out the stuff sold there), due to heavy traffic on the expressway there. Maybe next time I should take public transportation there and hitch a ride back home in a cab. Well, at least there was good news – the usher informed me of a change in seating plan – apparently, my block has been moved nearer down to the stage, so it was a good thing.


The crowd was really interesting – an almost even mix of Caucasians and Asians. And as expected, at 8pm sharp, the lights went out, and Hey Monday was on stage.

On hindsight, I should have bought tickets on the right side of the stage, so that I can take better pictures of Cass.


Awesome opening by Hey Monday, and Cassadee’s voice was really good – so good, that I could hear the reverb off the wall in my right ear from a few of her songs when she held the lyrics.

Hey Monday’s Setlist:

  1. Run, Don’t Walk
  2. Obvious
  3. Arizona
  4. Josey
  5. Candles
  6. Should’ve Tried Harder
  7. Set Off
  8. How You Love Me Now
  9. Homecoming

Well, as for FOB, I find their songs bearable, though not to my liking. Well, at least credit’s gotta go to Pete Wenz for co-signing them to his label and bringing Hey Monday here, and the quote “School is cool”. A few songs were nice, though. Cassadee came on stage to sing the last chorus of Sugar, We’re Going Down. I regretted not staying back later to take pictures and autographs (and am getting jealous, as seen evidently on various blogs from others), but hey, I have to go to work tomorrow, and in these tough times, who knows what will happen if you appear in the office looking tired?

EDIT: Here’s a few newspaper reviews about the concert:

  • TODAY article about Hey Monday’s album from some time back.
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  • mypaper article about the FOB concert.
  • Straits Times’ coverage of the FOB concert (click on image to view larger version):

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