Music Deprivation & PSP Addiction

Music Deprivation & PSP Addiction


I’ve been slacking on the blogging front, it’s a new semester and I’ve got lots of things that I need to settle these few days, including university assignments. Not to mention, handling the insane amount of things happening at my workplace. Anyway, my CrossRoads XB were spoilt since the start of school, and only now after two weeks then I could get replacements for them, the X3i, as Jaben had recently re-stocked their X3i, which seem to be quite popular.

I’ve recently been addicted to my PSP lately, due in part to “evil” game designers who did Monster Hunter Freedom 2. This is bad, because I’ve got tons of videos to watch on my PDA, and I don’t want to waste time converting them to the PSP video format.

On school matters, seems that everyone is rushing to do the assignment, as evident from our experience with the crappy game engine that we’re using. It’s a love-hate relationship with it, especially with C++. Heard that the other module is about algorithms and compression for multimedia stuff. Hope it’s not a killer, from the looks of the lecture notes and lab handouts. There’s quite a few new faces in class also, hope to get to know them better over this semester.

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