March Holiday Madness

March Holiday Madness


Well, finally my exams are over – and I can  enjoy the short 1-month break before all hell breaks loose again. It’s been  raining these few days, and its especially cold in the morning, and as such, I cannot tell whether I have a cold or it’s just the my nose acting up. I have to resort to going home whenever there’s a lapse in the rainfall near the end of the day, for the sake of my health – I don’t want to fall sick during the exams earlier this week. Also, I’ve developed jaw pain for some strange reason, which started to hurt on Saturday night but was okay on Sunday afternoon, but Sunday night and Monday was pretty bad, and had to resort to see the doctor, who told me it wasn’t his field of specialization (obviously) since he couldn’t pinpoint the problem, and gave me painkillers. I sought out the dentist that same evening, and she gave me antibiotics. Combined together, I had a wonderful sleep on Monday night. Turns out that it was either a bacterial infection of the gums, my running nose affecting the tooth, or that the tooth is cracked and dental surgery is required. Hopefully its just my running nose or bacterial infection – I can’t afford the time (and pain) to do a dental surgery these days.

These few days I have a lot of things to do – checking the PCs and projectors for faults accumulated in the past three weeks or so, due to the heavy university assignment workload. Also, will need to set up 20 printers in one of the labs for the kids to print their coursework. It isn’t so bad, except for the dust and dirt accumulated in the floorboards and power socket connectors inside it. Thankfully one student gave me her drawing of Mickey Mouse during the last few days before assignment submission, which brought some cheer and brought me back to reality instead of staring at lines of code on the screen.

DSCF1201 copy_001

I’ve recently ordered a broken PSP online, and hope to repair it once it reaches Singapore next week. The time has come for me to pick up some knowledge of the PSP, with the growing popularity of this handheld gaming device. Additionally, I can now finally operate on my PDA to fix the irritating “battery latch is open” messages that have been bugging me – even a gentle knock on my PDA can cause it to auto-suspend itself. Took out the battery latch switch by force, and used the soldering wire to bridge the gap, as I fanthomed that soldering a contact that small (<1mm) with a piece of wire that is <3.5mm is insanely difficult without a Helping Hands station, and its back in business. Now I just need to find a replacement capacitor or battery to replace the corroded one.

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