Food & Macintosh Cravings

Food & Macintosh Cravings


Finally after a year’s worth of deliberation, I have started to work on the Macs at my workplace – firstly I needed to find the best Macs, which are the Power Mac G5s, and did a full clean install on the Mac, followed by the software updates and whatever the school can get for free and has already purchased. The initial plunge was a little bit difficult, but I eased into the Mac’s interface by using the help system to look for keyboard shortcuts. My overall impression – very easy to use and pleasing on the eye. The only bad thing is that it is getting addictive – the more I use the Mac, the more inclined I am to continue using it. And before any fanatical Mac user complains about the picture, let me explain – I’m using QEmu to run Windows in fullscreen mode when I took the picture, and later on found out that Windows runs like a snail, and subsequently trashed QEmu and the disk images.

One thing I learnt from this is that you can “cheat” the Adobe CS3 Production Premium installation complaint of not enough RAM (1GB for Mac, and 2GB for Windows) by “borrowing” RAM from another Mac/PC and then installing it, after which the RAM can be replaced back. Another gripe about CS3 is that the Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Encore cannot be installed on a PowerPC – thankfully their replacements can be easily found with iLife (iMovie HD, GarageBand and iDVD). The disk image takes up about 20GBs, and hopefully when I do the cloning from a G5 to a G4, it boots. Hopefully I’ll have some time to write an article on how to do disk cloning in Mac someday.

There wasn’t really anything much happening last week, besides from the fact that Team Singapore visited my workplace. Although I got the chance to eat clean food (cornflake and blueberry & wheat cereal with milk and fruits) for lunch, the entire school was thrown to chaos. In the end, some of the netballers had to clean up the library before they leave, and so they helped out the few poor councillors who were there in the library on duty for that day in mopping the floor, wiping the tables and clearing up the leftovers.

Had a gathering on Saturday – nearly all of the guys from my platoon came down to eat at Chong Pang Market in the afternoon. Had a bowl of fishball noodles and TY2PS (汤圆 $2 花生汤). Sadly, we all forgot to take pictures before we left, if not, it would have been nice to happen across the photo one day and remember the good times.

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