A Week of Relaxation

A Week of Relaxation

Due to the Chinese New Year celebrations at my workplace this Wednesday and the 2-day holiday on Thursday and Friday, I had to clear a lot of work on Monday and Tuesday, so that on Wednesday I could relax and basically do nothing.

I made a reservation for my name on an ice-cream stick with one of the students’ classes on Monday and collected it on Wednesday. Also tried out chocolate fondue at the Chinese New Year bazaar, where classes set up their booths to sell stuff. Wanted to buy lime ice-cream from one class but they were sold out. Sad. Saw another class doing a remote-control car racing track and the person with the best timing got a soft toy as a prize. Beside the stall was an empty booth, and some crazy students from one of the CCAs that were supposedly on “duty” to take video clips and pictures of the event tried to sell freshly-dug rocks from the school grounds.

After the event, some of the students asked me out for a bowling session at Orchid Country Club,  so I agreed. Got a lift to Northpoint Shopping Centre from a colleague and as usual, the students were late by 45 minutes or so. I took a walk around the shopping complex while waiting for them, and bought a $69 Kingston 4GB Class 4 SDHC card (which I feel I was ripped off), and a $2.22 T5 screwdriver so that I can ‘zhng’ my PDA, as the internal backup battery is spoilt, and the battery latch problem as well.

After finally meeting up with the students and taking the shuttle bus to OCC, we played one match there, while I ate my $5.50 curry rice. Not bad for someone who rarely bowls, I spared one rack and striked two. However, I ‘longkanged’ two as well, so overall my placing was 3rd out of 4 players.

I left OCC via the shuttle bus at about 2.30pm, and bumped into another student I know at the bus-stop. Since she was waiting for the rest of the students (who are waiting for a car driven by the aunt of one of the students), I accompanied her until they reached the bus-stop. They accompanied me in turn to wait for 852 at the bus interchange, since I wanted to see the route that 852 travels to reach Bukit Batok, and reached home at about 3.50pm.

As usual every year, went to visit relatives on 初一, and slacked at home on the second day, trying to figure out how to finish my university assignment. The most irritating part about the software is that there are not many tutorials which are updated to use the latest game engine, and also the documentation in the help file does not help much. If I can’t even figure out how to code properly, then what will become of the rest of the course, and my team? This does not bode well for everyone.

Finally, I went to Mrs Wee’s place on Saturday, and got tricked by the weather in coming to her house early. However, arriving early was good – Mrs Wee highlighted that her son’s computer has a problem whereby it will automatically power off by itself randomly. I suspected that the thermal paste between the CPU and the heat sink has dried up, so I tried running Orthos Prime and SpeedFan to monitor the CPU temperature. Once it exceeded 72 degrees, it powered off by itself. By this time, my secondary school friends had arrived, so I put the thought of going online to check the specification for the thermal limitation for the AMD Athlon 64 till I get home.

Kung Fu Dunk ticket stub
Kung Fu Dunk ticket stub

After the visit at Mrs Wee’s, we went to West Mall for our dinner at Mayim. Thanks to the Chinese New Year goodies eaten at Mrs Wee’s we only ate about $10 worth of food. After the dinner we headed to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for coffee, while three of my friends went up to get tickets for 功夫篮球. We chatted for quite some time until it was 15 minutes till the movie started, and headed up to the cineplex. Overall it wasn’t such a good movie. Although direction, pacing and story were good, there’s too many subplots, which the movie failed to close, and thus, I felt that it was a bit rushed.

Hopefully, next week I won’t be so busy, as the major assignment due date is approaching, coupled with the irritating lab-based assignments for another module. Its going to be an important week as well, as my future job prospect is going to be decided. What a way to start the Lunar New Year, eh?

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