Quiet Days Ahead

Quiet Days Ahead

Last week, I cloned 40 tablet PCs for use – however great the tablet is, it doesn’t work because of the poor wireless infrastructure at my workplace, the wireless Zerg rush ultimately caused a few access points to hang (since they’re not enterprise grade access points), and thus required manual resets. I always push the point that no matter how fast is your computer or how good is the software, rule number one is to have proper infrastructure in the first place – a few rooms here are not set up properly for power and network access points, thus giving us headaches in setting up computers for the various departments.

I’ve also managed to do a GUI-based comparison script which takes in a CSV file with usernames and compares them to the Active Directory server – I’ve managed to get the comparison working, now I’m left with the user home directory comparison and reverse comparing the Active Directory users with the CSV file to see if there are any unused accounts not deleted on the server

These few days are so calm, it feels like its the calm before the storm – alot of my university assignments are due next week, and I have not even finished them all -this means that my Chinese New Year will probably be burnt on doing the assignments.

Seems that I’m more or less confirmed to go in as an ICT Executive by my new workplace…problem now is to prepare the letters to be sent to HR and colleagues at my current workplace.

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