New Balance REAL Run 2007 Results Are Out!

New Balance REAL Run 2007 Results Are Out!

Finally…anyway my timing’s 1hr 15mins+, not too bad. Sadly, no one (friends from my time as an airman) believes that I can run that fast, so I guess I’ll have to wait for to upload the pictures and show them. Anyway, there are lots of interesting things to note during the run:

  • While running, some male participants will dash off into the bushes and pee. One young Caucasian female runner commented “it’s easier for men”
  • Surprisingly there are lots of 小妹妹s running in the event…not much people of my age though.
  • Never drink too much water/isotonic drinks at the water points while running.
  • Running on sand is hell on your knees and ankles – try running near the shoreline.
  • The runway surface doesn’t feel like a runway at all – it feels like a normal road.
  • Beware of foot cramps while driving out.

On another note, I have finished reading the Subtle Knife yesterday, and again, an all-round vivid and intriguing book to read. Only one last book left to read, and it’s the thickest of the whole series (I think) – The Amber Spyglass. Hopefully will have time to read finish by this weekend.

Today’s Systems Administration tutorial was pretty fun, but out of 11 part-timers from my course, only three of us turned up, and the rest are people from the other specialization. Thus, I am speculating if the remaining 8 are really busy and could not make it, saw that the schedule on the board did not have the course code listed, or decided to skip tutorial. Ah well, have to wait and see tomorrow’s turn out – hopefully it’s better.

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