Have You Met The Legendary Rare Character, Lui?

Have You Met The Legendary Rare Character, Lui?

Guess who I saw on the bus today?

The one, the only, Legendary Rare Character, Lui JY!

Seriously though, it was really good to see him, since the last time I saw him was like, around a year ago? We chatted awhile on the bus while I was on the way back from SIM tonight. Looks like he’s doing fine with his architectural work, and with the currently hot real estate industry, I expect him to be very busy recently.

Recently the lectures are 2 hours long, and I don’t know if its a good thing, or a bad thing. Good, since I get to go home earlier, and bad, since this means that the focus will be on lab and tutorials…and I’ve got 2 more weeks to finish two assignments, which is another strange thing, because I don’t know whatever that I am doing is correct. Also, today, we found out that our tutor is actually sitting in lecture for the module. Again, good thing or bad thing issue here.

I’m left with a year’s worth of blog posts to sort out, but I have found out that some of my blog posts have lost their original text in chinese, and some posts were cut short. Therefore, I will have to manually scan through all my past posts again in order to figure out which ones were cut short. So far only one post was cut short, but I won’t know until I have fully checked all my posts up till January 2006. Sigh, more work for me.

Friday is the day that my direct supervisor will be leaving his position, and I will be giving a little presentation on how to work effectively for the guys under his charge at the “Changeover-cum-Farewell Ceremony” at a school near Khatib MRT. All the best for him and his future endeavours.

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