Semi-Incommunicado For A Week

Semi-Incommunicado For A Week



Went for a buffet at the Mushroom Pot at Orchard Point with CheekyHan and Ah Tham, and it was…very exotic. Ate lots of mushrooms, and had a few servings of meat as well. After that, we headed down to SLS to look for a USB thumbdrive header connector so that I can repair the spoilt thumbdrive properly. $1.50 for a USB connector sounds just right. Then we took a bus to Island Creamery at Serene Centre, where CheekyHan ate a slice of Alaskan Cake (Can’t remember what was it called), while me and Ah Tham had their Sundae. As expected, their ice-cream was done superbly. Hopefully CheekyHan can work here after he has finished his “pastry and dessert” course downtown, so that we can get discounts…haha.


(I did not vandalize the swivel table with a pencil, it was already there when I took the seat.)

The first week of my part-time university undergraduate life has begun, and it has been very taxing on me so far, since by the time I reach home from SIM, it’s almost 11pm and I need to sleep for the next day. Anyway, it’s only for one week, so it’s not so bad. First day of school a few people were in the wrong lecture theatre, and I had to be proactive and get the 10+ people in the room to go to the correct venue after calling up one of the course co-ordinators. Sheesh. 15 minutes of $6,000+ wasted. Anyway, DFS is a really cool lecturer (he’s 30 this year), and he never fails to surprise us with his jokes and sudden calls for volunteers for demonstrations by the audience. There was food and coffee/tea/water provided, too, so overall it wasn’t so bad.


I nearly got hit by a ladder this week, while returning the ladder to its proper place in school. Additionally, one of the teachers found my 4GB Imation thumbdrive (seemingly, ages ago), but forgot all about it until recently and she returned it to me. What a twist of luck.

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