Post-National Day Celebrations

Post-National Day Celebrations


Well, nothing much happened this week, besides the National Day observance parade at my workplace on Wednesday. My personal comment: very bad marching by all the contingents, LOL. Miss the days spent in camp. Anyway, went to Jurong Point to buy pizza and also got this writing tablet for $52. Cheap, and cool!


Helped out 4 girls who are doing some website for some competition at the SPCA on Friday, cause they didn’t have a video camera, so they had to rely on a digital camera which can take video. After spending an hour at that place, I drove them to Causeway Point but that was after an hour of finding the correct road to go back to the northern side of Singapore. Sorry, girls… anyway, we had lunch at Pastamania there and went back home after dropping them off at the nearest bus stops to their homes.


Went to buy Corrinne May’s latest CD, Beautiful Seed from Popular on early Saturday morning, while returning my library DVDs and books. Also, I tried out Gundam: Spirits of Zeon at the West Mall arcade. Well, I made it to the second boss, but died there.


Finally, today, I caught Jay Chou’s self-directed and self-starred movie, 不能说的秘密. A real touching movie, and well worth the time and money for this show. Anthony Wong reprises his role as Jay’s father again, and there were a few times I thought the movie was going to parody Initial D when Jay talks to Anthony, but thankfully there wasn’t. The last 30 minutes of the show was really, really good.

Regarding my blog, I’ve just added some stuff to the sidebar on the right, and re-arranged a few items as well. Finally got that Calendar to work with Google Calendar, which also works with Mozilla Sunbird, so that I can update my calendar via the web when I’m not home and have Sunbird display the same data at home. Cool, huh?

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