Surrounded By Sadness

Surrounded By Sadness

I’m blogging just before meeting my friends for dinner @ Pepper Lunch. Well…another interesting week for me. I fixed a HP keyboard with a missing PS/2 connector at the end with one from an unused keyboard (with keys plucked out by some unknown idiotic kid). It would have been a better fix if I had a soldering iron, but the best that I could do was twist both ends of the wires inside the cable together and then tape it up after each twist, finishing with duct tape. And it works!


Also, just yesterday night the sec 5 F&N girl told me over MSN that she cried on the way home because she did not save her coursework when the computer automatically shutdown at 7pm for energy conservation (Time to put up a warning notice in the computer lab…) I was able to retrieve her document this morning, but sadly, the file was the old version. Sigh. Nothing I can do but to encourage her to re-do the coursework.

On another note, I met quite a few interesting students in school. Yesterday there was a group of girls wanting to play a game with me, with the stakes of me pretending to be a cow for their story-telling “show” next week if I lost. I also met this crazy girl who happens to have the same surname as me, LOL.

I’m wondering why so many students feel sad nowadays, yet I don’t seem to be affected by them? Maybe it’s because of the workload from their studies, I guess. I feel sad for them, they seem to be pushed to the limit at times. Sigh, all I can do is to wish them the best of luck in their schoolwork.

I guess this is really the end…we both had finally let go of each other.

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