Headaches Galore.

Headaches Galore.

Last Friday, I accompanied my colleagues to RP where they had a dry run of some learning sharing thingy which was supposed to be held on Monday and they needed my help there, so I was there on site to take a look at RP. Unfortunately, most of the things went wrong, since we were there for the first time and we didn’t prepare alot of stuff to bring for the dry run. Thankfully, on Monday, everything was prepared and ready to be set up at RP, and everything ran smoothly.

I ran into Mrs Tonnine Chua, the ex-HOD for Humanities there, and got a shock when I learnt that she was promoted to a VP and is now currently at HKSS, when I thought she had transferred out. Anyway, after the whole thing, one of my colleagues decided to give us all a treat, and we proceeded to Swenson’s at Causeway Point to eat. I had a Grilled Fish Sambal and a Frosty Chocolate Melt, and I regret eating such sinful food, because I’d have to burn off more calories this week.

I was planning to get a 3.5″ PATA Hard Disk Enclosure, and so I went to the PC shop in the same building to take a look. Sadly, the offerings were not really interesting, so I took the train back and made a pit stop at West Mall to get the ZoomXtreme casing.


It was a bit difficult to place the Seagate HDD in because there was no clearance between the 2 PATA connectors,but I eventally managed to solve it. I hope the $63 I spent will last for quite a while, since I was practically buying a white elephant.

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