My Cubicle, Part 1

My Cubicle, Part 1

Yes, I know I have not been touching my blog for 20 days already, so I’ll just put something up here.

In the past 2 weeks or so I have shuttled between 3 schools – one was on reservist (nice place to work, too bad I’m a roving technician), another was because he fell sick (wow, an all-girls school, a real eye-opener) and the last one was because he has not attended training at HQ (why does this school have so many things not done). Basically most of my time was spent travelling (except for the one-day stint at the all-girls school and at the reservist fellow’s workplace), leaving me to ponder if I’m the only roving technician in HP.

Anyway, today was the TV premiere of “小孩不笨2”, and the previews of the show featured Campus Superstar winner Theresa, whom the boy (Shawn, if I’m not wrong) has a crush on, featuring the music of 周杰伦’s 晴天. I actually wanted to record the show, but in the first episode there was totally no show of Theresa! Ah, well, at least the opening clip had a few shots.

I have in my mind a few projects to work on so that I can move on to another job once I have finished my part-time degree, but I doubt if I have the time to start and finish them.

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