Last Christmas, I OOC-ed…

Last Christmas, I OOC-ed…

Whoa, time really has flown – it’s been a year since I OOC-ed and have been in my squadron for a year already.

Last month we had a short chemical defence training, where we had to wear chemical protective suits and do some physical exercises in a CS chamber. Quite fun to do it, and I had a few laughs from it – one guy couldn’t change his canister in the chamber and had to be brought out, and another one after talking to the instructor, straight away walked out of the chamber while the instructor was asking him to repeat whatever he said. Lol!

I’ve been reading the newspapers and watching TV for news on the stock market, ever since I bought some stocks through DBS Vickers. Its quite fun to play on the stock market, and given the odds of 4D and Toto, I’d pick the stock market anytime.

I also bought the $210 Genographic Project Kit from the National Geographic Society online, and have sent in my cheek cells for analysis by their labs. Hopefully Customs won’t reject the article and my cells won’t die out by the time it reaches the labs.

I’ve stopped going for driving lessons because my test date is in January, and I’m waiting for the test date to arrive so I can book a few sessions for revision before the big day. Thus, my Saturdays and Sundays are now more “free”, and I’ve taken up an online course for taking MCP Exam 70-228 in Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Still got $225+ to fork out for the actual test. Luckily the course is 90% sponsered by MINDEF and I only paid $10.50 for the course. I’m currently looking for a good japanese language school to enroll in, but the course fees (all around the $400 to $600 range) will take me 2-3 months to save up for and by the time I’ve got cash to enrol, I would have 5 more months to ORD. Wish I’d taken up lessons earlier.

Its Christmas again, and I remember spending Christmas day at my friend’s church last year, and my sec 2/3 school days of lounging around at home in the cool of the morning rain (compared to now). Ah, the days of youth, when you were carefree and so energetic… but I’m an old man now, shouldering more responsibilities, and planning for my future has taken its toll on me. Bah! Humbug!

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