The End of May

The End of May

Went to IMM’s Gacha Gacha Gala 2005 fair last Saturday. Wasted ~$30 on th machines there (and only one series – Mobile Suit Selection #35…I was a fool) and bought 2 boxes of Gundam Seed figurines at the shop that was sponsoring the fair @ 50% discount. Both boxes were Kira Yamato. Maybe my luck is running low, and I’ve got to charge my mana.

Back from Exercise Blue Diamond on Friday night. A mixture of both good and bad comments. On one side, it was slightly better than the previous month’s exercise, because it was 4 days 5 nights. Less mosquitoes, cloudy days and a small site with an asphalt road. And it rained quite often, so can get to hide from the rain. On the other, it rained almost everyday and caused the ground that we’re sleeping on to be waterlogged, especially the last day, when the soil turned from wet to muddy to waterlogged to swimming pool.

Went to Parklane on Saturday to pass a CD to a friend and spotted a book fair there. Got myself 3 books for $5, and saw a few other books at dirt cheap price. I, for one, saw one going for $15, instead of $83 at Kinokuniya. Hope it lasts till the next pay day, ’cause I’m very broke now because I “deposited” $100 into my M1 account to pay the phone bills for the next 3 months.

Finally completed Act of War: Direct Action yesterday. Bloody good game. Still got Vampire: Bloodlines, The Sims 2, Freedom Force and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory to play. Oh, and not to mention, Evil Genius as well.

2 more hours to book-in time. Can’t wait for this army life to finish or change, my civillian life needs to get into order seriously.

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