Labour Day

Labour Day

Well, a pretty OK weekend (finally). Finished my ATP range with a bang on Saturday – 26/28 shots. Marksman. $200 is coming my way LOL. Must be the ~$25 Ghost Squad “practices” I’ve been having for the 2 weeks before ATP.

This morning, I went to BBDC for my 2nd Final Theory Evaluation – failed by 1 mark. Sigh. This time, I booked a practice session before the eval test next Saturday – Hopefully should be better.
Went for a swim at the CDANS Bukit Batok clubhouse after that(using my SAFRA membership, muhaha. I can bring in 2 guests too the pool for $3/head). Alot of parents with their kids there today. Surprisingly, there aren’t any members of the opposite sex in the age category of 12 < x < 21 – either that, or I didn’t spot them. But that’s not the exact truth – When I was about to leave I saw 2 girls belonging to the above-mentioned category. DAMN! But overall, CDANS is a pretty nice place, and I expect that the pool will be deserted on weekdays.

After the swim, I went to Jurong Point and saw Sgt Hans there. Thank goodness he didn’t recognize me. LOL. Bumped into Weiling (I think that’s her name. Argh! I forgot my poly classmate’s name!) too. Didn’t talk much, just made some small talk.
Played $9 worth of Ghost Squad and didn’t perform well. Ghost Squad is harder than ATP it seems.
Got a Gundam Seed Destiny EF Figure at Comics Connection – its Shinn Asuka! I’m just missing Stellar Louise to complete the collection! Sad thing about the gashapon (locally termed as ‘tikam-tikam’) machines at the shop near CyberActive – they changed the machine that carries the Gundam Collection #35 (Gundam Seed Destiny set 1), and replaced it with #36 (Gundam Seed Destiny set 2), so I can’t complete my collection! Waa! But I gleamed precious information from the shop owner – they have damn good profits there as “overseas visitors snap up alot of gashapon” and they’re moving to Marina Square. On the other hand, the shop specializing in console gaming (forgot its name) also has gashapon machines, but they only got five machines. However, I noticed that they have 2 machines carrying Gundam Collection #33 (Gundam Seed) and #34 (Gundam Seed MSV). Hopefully when the machines run out of gashapon to dispense, they’ll replace it with #35 and #36. Hehe!
I also went to Music Junction to look for the Kenny G album, which has the duet CD with Wang Li Hong’s 唯一, and saw Bill Cunliffe’s CD “Enchanted Journey”, which was the #1 New Age seller at Music Junction, so I got the counter staff to play the CD. Some of the Bill Cunliffe CDs has a “Will you marry me?” label on the top. I grabbed the CD without the label.

Finally, I got for myself a pen-sized cushion case as a pencil-case, and a airtight and watertight box from Popular for putting a hard drive inside and freezing the whole thing in the refrigerator. Speaking of which, I suffered a hard drive failure on my Maxtor 80GB HDD last Sunday, and I recovered only 2 partitions on Sunday, which took me 8+ hours for a 32GB partition and another 2+ hours for a 8GB partition. I still got a 40GB partition to recover from that hard drive. Also, I got one Maxtor 40GB HDD configured to a RAID 0 array that went down at the start of the year, which I am freezing it using the box. Hopefully, when I return from camp, the hard drive should be working, and I can recover all of my data.

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