Motherly Love

Motherly Love

Today, I saw a mother cat carrying her kitten across an open space to a drain. Upon seeing me approaching her, she put down the kitten, and stayed put for a while. I was about 5 metres to them when she ran off and hid in the drain, with her head sticking out.

I then approached the kitten – it was shivering (due to cold or its fright, I don’t know) for a while, and kept meowing. I slowly approached the kitten (a grey cat with blue eyes – more than about 7 days ago, and less than 3 weeks old – its a fact that kittens are born with blue eyes, though I can’t say about human babies. Maybe when I become a dad I’ll know.) and let it (gender is unknown cause its ass was not facing me) smell my hand (just to let it be familiar with my scent) before I patted it with TWO fingers (yes, its that small and cute!) , and it calmed down a bit and stopped meowing for a while.

The mother, all the while, was looking at me and the kitten and kept meowing. Finally, I walked backwards a bit and stood there to see if the mother would trust me (since I didn’t eat or kill her kitten) and come out of the drain to pick up her kitten, but she didn’t budge.

So, I finally decided to back away about 20 metres, and all the while the mother was looking at me while she crossed over and picked up her baby, and stopped once to confirm that I did not approach them (yes, the mother cat apparently knows feinting tactics and cover & concealment, maybe the SAF should persuade her to sign on as an intelligence officer or something) and went back to the safety of the drain.

Thus, my thought for today – At what cost will a mother protect her baby’s life? Stand and fight, or run off and hide? Maybe the mother cat thought that I was “the most dangerous predator ever encountered” and decided to risk her kitten’s life in order to save herself. Having just read a sociology book this morning, this is way past wierd, although in the book I read, certain tribes will cannibalise and/or sacrifice their old and young in times of famine and danger.

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