Eagerly Awaiting Prom Night

Eagerly Awaiting Prom Night

Okay, people, new website design coming up! Stay tuned!

Haha ok besides that little announcement I wanna make, I read a friend’s blog that she’s going to change from LiveJournal to Blogger, because its more customizable. You go, girl!

Darn, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is really fun to play, and its so much more challenging than the original game. Come to think of it, it was about a year ago that the game was released. Heh heh.

*Checks his calendar*
April 1 – The Passion of the Christ movie opens in Singapore. (*shrugs* I feel really strange about Christianity. No idea why.)

April 9 – Good Friday (*sigh* I’m being invited to a Church outing that feels uninviting to me…I’d rather stay at home at this rate if there aren’t any inviting invitations 🙂

May 12th – PROM NIGHT! Coincidentally, my secondary school graduation night was held at the same place as the one that the school has organized for us…hahaz…

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