Sitex, soon to be Sex-ex

Sitex, soon to be Sex-ex

Blogging in the eye of the hurricane again…anyway, haven’t been blogging these days cause there wasn’t anything really happening this week:

Wednesday – played Battletech with a friend of mine, and watched other friends play as well.

Thursday – went out with friends to Sitex and SLS. Strange that SLS has so little people compared to normal traffic during the holidays. Most of them must be at Sitex. LOL. Saw a few cheap stuff too…including scantily clad women. Bah. Sooner or later Sitex will become Sex-ex. I don’t like the idea of using sex to sell products – it is tasteless. And I got a GeForce FX 5200 card from SLS. Then brought the card back home and tested. Dead. Tested on another system. also dead.

Today – Went to friend’s house to test the graphic card and collect back my Full Metal Panic CDs. Also dead. Therefore the card is dead. So we went to SLS to get my card exchanged 1 for 1, and then headed back to Jurong East central for the Creative warehouse sale. Sianz. Raining cats and dogs, and we were drenched soaking wet. After seeing the stuff at the sale (most of the stuff were expensive anyway) we went back to his place and I tested the newly-exchanged card out. It works! Then I brought it back home and tried out also. It works too! I’m so glad that I don’t have to change the motherboard. LOL!

Haha. Was sick and tired of playing Metal Gear Solid 2 since Monday, so I decided to switch to an easier game to play – one that does not require too much thinking to play. And lo and behold, I ransacked my CD holders to find…DIABLO 2. Yeah! Mindless monster whacking again!

Sigh…so many songs ran through my mind yesterday and the day before…Tom Waite’s I Ain’t Missing You…Scott Krippayne’s May I Have This Dance…5566’s 存在. I kept setting my mp3 CD player to repeat mode whenever I hear those songs, and would listen to my heart’s content before I resumed normal play…sighhh…why…

On a lighter note:
Power Rangers Movie!

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