Time Is Precious, And It’s Slipping Away

Time Is Precious, And It’s Slipping Away

Well, its been almost one month and seven days since I last blogged. Hmmph. What I need is more time… anyway, I got my pay for the attachment stint in my polytechnic.. first week of February. What a long wait -_-.

School: School’s great, I just finished two weeks’ break with no common tests. =P I spent the holidays playing Splinter Cell (WAY cool game) and C&C Generals, and not to mention, Battletech!

Battletech: I won the New Periphery Kingdoms mission (planets where pirates have carved their own domain). Heh, wish my shifu had more luck in his mission, his Commanding Officer got killed (or ejected, I think), and his Turkina was ransomed by the opposition for 50 million!

Projects: Converting the old Somerset Strikers VHS tapes into DVD format, doing up my website (grr), CS map of my polytechnic (Only School of ICT lah, siao) and programming a MIDlet for the Palm PDA for use with Battletech

Well, that’s it for now except that I have to collect my Plextor CD-RW drive from somewhere in Henderson Industrial Park today and a secondary school class dinner at Sakae Sushi on Friday (haha, pontang lecture!) Later, peeps…

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