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MiPow 5200M Power Cube Review

MiPow Power Cube 5200M

One thing that bothers me recently is the mass proliferation of Valore stores in shopping malls here (most likely with the financial and logistical clout of Challenger), and I’m amazed at what people accept as “good” in their books with regard to design and use of a power bank (I’m not even sure where this term comes from, when I vaguely remember it was called a portable battery in the distant past). So in order to put a dent in everyone’s (and especially Valore’s) universe, here’s my review of my MiPow 5200 Power Cube.


A power bank should be simple and easy to use, and this is no exception – the 4 charging LEDs light up while charging and discharging to indicate battery level, a quick press on the power button shows the charge remaining, and a USB port for your USB charging cable to charge whatever you need to charge.


What’s interesting about this power bank’s design is that it incorporates a built-in microUSB (or Lightning for the 5200L model) connector cable, and its charging connector is also located next to it. This design also works for pass-through charging – i.e. you can charge your battery and daisy chain your USB device through the USB port on the power bank at the same time.



Output is claimed to be at 2.1A, but from my experience, accessories tend not to follow specifications. The nominal and minimal capacity listed is nice, but a little bit unnecessary, in my opinion.

The only issue I have is the design of the power bank – the volume can’t be changed due to technological limitations, but I would like a longer built-in connector and a flatter design – maybe reshape it into the size of a slim portable hard disk, and it is most likely to sell like hotcakes.


Kyoukai no Kanata Review


After a very long hiatus from watching anime, I finally decided to pick out something off YouTube while randomly browsing J-Pop/anime/VOCALOID songs. This got me hooked, and as a result I watched the entire series.

As expected, Kyoukai no Kanata is a series with good quality animation and storyline. What I didn’t know was that it was animated by Kyoto Animation, which I was (and still am) a sucker for – Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid and The Melachony of Suzumiya Haruhi are some of my favourite anime to date.

What I liked in this show was the treatment of the setting and plot – supernatural events are easily woven in and out of the world as necessary, and nearly everyone in the show who has a form of supernatural power sees this as normal as their own daily lives, and surprisingly, plays the tropes as straight as an arrow – “unpleasant”/weird behaviour in the real world is regarded as such by them, and they respond appropriately as per normal people. In effect, it’s easy for the watcher to relate to the story/world, and doesn’t skew the veil of reality in the show by a lot.

Kyoukai No Kanata Episode 1 – Back of Phone

Overall, its a pretty decent show, and I’m not going to spoil it by saying anything about it. However, I will say one thing, which seems to be missed out by most – Mirai Kuriyama appears to be using a Sony Xperia V (with some artistic license to avoid being litigated, of course), which is what I’m using as well!

Kyoukai No Kanata Episode 7 – Phone in Mirai's Hand

Here’s a photo of the front and left side of the phone, with the watering can phone charm (viewers might know that this is a reference already by now, haha!).

Kyoukai No Kanata Episode 10 - Phone ChargingThe charging port is also located at the top-left side of the phone, as per the Xperia V. It also comes in white and black options as well. It’s also water resistant, which suits Mirai’s needs in the show very well, given her abilities. Is this coincidence, chance, or just very subtle advertising and clever thinking? I leave it to your discretion.


MonoDevelop and Unity3D – No Word Wrap?

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s

You’d be pretty much surprised to see that a modern IDE has no option for word wrap…thankfully at least you can show the column ruler so that you won’t exceed screen space by using the print margins as a guide…